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19 Apr 2007

Environmental Hedge Funds Growing Rapidly

The Energy Hedge Fund Center LLC announced today that they are now tracking more than 560 energy and energy-related hedge funds in their new Directory of Energy Hedge Funds.

The vast majority of these energy focused hedge funds are based in North America but Europe is already home to 130 energy focused hedge funds and has been the focus for recent energy hedge fund formation. The directory is also now tracking more than 180 commodity hedge funds that have exposure to energy and energy-related commodities.

"Recently, we have seen a renewed interest in the creation of fund of funds in the energy and natural resources sector," reports Dr. Gary M. Vasey, Co-Principal of the Energy Hedge Fund Center, LLC. "Perhaps as interestingly, there has also been a new wave of hedge fund formation focused on energy and other related commodities since the beginning of 2007."

"We are also seeing substantial interest in the launch of larger green hedge funds and more significant growth of sustainability fund of funds this spring. We expect this trend to the accelerate as the US more toward carbon market mandates," said Peter Fusaro, Co-Principal of the Energy Hedge Fund Center LLC. "Energy and environmental hedge funds are still seen as an asset diversification play due to its non correlation."

The Energy Hedge Fund Center(EHFC) also publishes a subscription newsletter 'Energy Hedge' that tracks and announces new energy hedge funds, provides analysis of the Directory's content and includes energy hedge fund manager interviews.

InFocus Hires Hedge Fund Manager

InFocus Corporation announced that they have added hedge fund manager John D. Abouchar and Bernard T. Marren to serve as members of the Company’s Board of Directors. Abouchar and Marren were designated to serve on the Board of Directors by the companies largest shareholder Caxton Associates L.L.C.

Abouchar is an independent consultant to GRT Capital Partners, LLC, based in Boston, Massachusetts, and a portfolio manager for the GRT Technology L.P. hedge fund. Prior to joining GRT Capital Partners in 2006, Abouchar was a Senior Analyst for six years at Pacific Edge Investment Management, a $300 million value technology hedge fund based in Palo Alto, California. Mr. Marren is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of OPTi Inc., an intellectual property licensing company based in Palo Alto, California.

“Effective yesterday, we officially added Mr. Marren and Mr. Abouchar to the InFocus Board of Directors,” stated Michael Hallman, lead InFocus independent director. “We look forward to their insights and contributions as we continue the evaluation of strategic alternatives for the Company,” concluded Hallman.

InFocus is an inventor and pioneer in the projection market, InFocus Corporation's global headquarters are located in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA, with regional offices in Europe and Asia. LiteShow, LP, ASK, ScreenPlay, Play Big, Work Big, Learn Big and The Big Picture are also registered trademarks of InFocus.