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27 Sep 2007

600 Energy and Environmental Hedge Funds Now Listed

The Energy Hedge Fund Center, LLC has announced that it is now tracking over 600 energy and Recent trends include the growth of carbon and environmental energy funds and, as the total universe of energy hedge funds has grown and matured funds of hedge funds in the energy and environment sector.

Dr. Gary M. Vasey, co-founder of the Energy Hedge Fund Center, LLC said, "Our breakthrough study of hedge funds in energy issued in late 2004 identified 180 hedge funds, mostly equity long/short and commodity trading vehicles. Since then, the directory has grown three-fold and the types of strategies followed by hedge funds in energy and environment has also grown and matured."

"Today, nothing much has changed in terms of the attractiveness of all aspects of the energy industry for investors and that is reflected in the growing number of hedge funds that operate in the various energy markets and sectors."

Peter C. Fusaro, co-founder of the Energy Hedge Fund Sector and chairman of Global Change Associates in New York said, "We expect more energy commodity and green funds for 2008!.....Despite well publicized energy hedge fund blow ups, we continue to see more investors deploying capital in the energy and environmental sector. We also see the closure to investors of some larger funds and niche strategies which leads to more opportunities for new fund managers in this dynamic sector,"

Since its launch in October 2004, the directory has constantly grown reflecting investor appetite for energy oriented hedge funds.