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17 Dec 2008

Hedge My Job

It looks like the market for financial `dream jobs´ may have actually perked up amidst the financial turmoil of the past few months.

Investment managers saw a 22% increase in job offers as rival firms take advantage of the increasing number of financial services workers looking for a job by "snapping up the cream of the crop on much less than they would have been able to 6 months ago," according to Powerchex Limited.

Hedge fund and insurance companies also made more employment offers than 6 months ago as those companies who have been able to remain stable through the turmoil prepare to put themselves at the head of the pack to take advantage of any economic recovery.

Here is another site I came across, it looks pretty new, but I'll keep tabs on it through this blog as I think it has potenital;

Conference in Brussels on Carbon Capture & Storage

Platts 3rd Annual European Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) conference is assembling the CCS community to discuss and review CCS projects in their various stages and look to uncover opportunities in what will become a changed regulatory environment to ensure CCS lives up to its potential.

Some of the issues to be covered include, delivering EU Regulatory Framework, finance and investment, public perception, international CCS case-studies and storage selection and liability among others. Some leading companies are also planning to highlight their latest CCS projects.

Carbon Capture and Storage has developed in a short space of time from coal-fired power’s much-heralded saving grace, to Europe’s energy policy catchphrase to real, on-the-ground pilot project status.

With these first-stage investments underway, the energy industry is closer than ever to a genuine assessment of CCS’ viability. CSS says they are looking for updates from the major actors - how are the pilot projects progressing? Is there an adequate spread of projects in the pipeline to test all potential technologies?