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28 May 2009

AIMA To Mobilise Hedge Fund Industry On EC Directive

The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) – the global hedge fund industry association – has announced plans to mobilise the world’s hedge fund industry on the European Commission’s draft directive for Alternative Investment Fund Managers.

“There are provisions in this directive with potentially serious consequences for managers, investors, service providers and advisers internationally." Andrew Baker, AIMA CEO, said, "As the global trade body for the industry it is right therefore that AIMA takes the lead in mobilising resources in order to secure the best possible outcome for the industry on the directive."

"The feedback we’re getting from our members, who manage more than 75% of hedge fund industry assets globally, is that the draft directive has created enormous confusion. Because of the lack of proper consultation the directive presumes a structure for the industry which bears little relationship to reality. Implementation in its current form could prove to be unworkable. It also appears to be in conflict with much of existing EC financial services legislation." Baker said.

"We will therefore call for urgent effort to be devoted to re-drafting this directive." Baker continued, "To achieve this, AIMA will be announcing a series of initiatives to mobilise the industry. We will not oppose everything in the directive; some of the provisions, such as manager authorisation and registration, are already supported by us and measures which increase transparency to assist the authorities in the understanding of systemic risk issues are to be welcomed."

"We want to work with the Commission, EU governments and the European Parliament on this. We are not opposed to the directive per se, we just want the final directive to be practical and realistic.” Baker concluded.