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2 Jan 2008

South African Hedge Fund Index Returns 15.56%

The South African Times reported that their hedge Fund Index returned 15.56% over one year to November, while the month-on-month growth rate dipped by 1.67%.

Director of Clade Investment Management Gavin Goldblatt said, "The volatility in both these markets has also increased dramatically over past months....Bond markets performed considerably better, with a number of central banks raising rates, and a flight to the safety of bonds." As a result the JP Morgan Global Bond Index returned a staggering 4.10%, its highest monthly return in years, according to the paper.

Meanwhile, the Clade equity long-short index fund returned 20.17% over one year, while the offshore enhanced index fund denominated in dollars was up 7.69%, according to the newspaper. November was a very tough month for global equity markets, with the MSCI All World Index losing 4.57%, and the JSE ALSI losing 3.19%.

Goldblatt added, "However, renewed inflation fears in South Africa drove the All Bond Index down 1.55%, for a net return for the last 12 months of only 4.82%. All of Clade’s funds reported losses for the month. However, none of these losses were as large as that of equity markets, and the funds succeeded in their main objective of reducing volatility and preserving capital during difficult times." concluded Goldblatt.