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15 Sep 2009

Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest WildCard Play-Off

This year marks the sixth anniversary of A Leg To Stand On’s annual benefit, Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest, being held at B.B. King Blues Club in New York on Thursday, October 8. This event unites a rapidly growing number of A Leg To Stand On supporters for a unique night of rock-and-roll performances by members of the hedge fund and financial communities.

The Rocktoberfest Wildcard Play-Off is being held tomorrow, September 16 at Sullivan Hall in New York, where four bands made up of hedge fund and related industry professionals will battle it out to perform at Rocktoberfest.

Since 2004, Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest has proudly served as A Leg To Stand On’s signature fundraising benefit. Due in large part to the support received through this one night, A Leg To Stand On has been able to directly help over 3,000 children through the provision of free corrective surgeries and prosthetic and orthotic devices.

An estimated 10,000 children have been helped through A Leg To Stand On’s training workshops, aimed at teaching innovative best-practices in orthopedic care to in-country medical providers. In January of 2009, A Leg To Stand On committed to helping a total of 11 project partners in Haiti, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Capintro Outlines Opportunities Available to Hedge Fund Investors in 2009/2010

A new study by Capintro Partners, analyzing the impact of the events of 2008 on the hedge fund industry, indicates that the crisis may have led to structural changes which could benefit hedge funds.

The report makes a compelling case for having hedge funds as a strategic long term investment within a diversified portfolio. Capintro Partners highlights five key changes in the industry:

1) Assets in the industry have substantially declined due to investor redemptions, weak performance and flight to quality. The reduction in assets allows for outsized positive performance due to reduced competition among hedge fund managers within the same strategy.

2) The number of managers in the industry has also decreased, further reducing competition leading to wider spreads and an opportunity for larger gains.

3) Hedge funds have historically outperformed post crises and have performed well preserving capital throughout historical crisis events.

4) Hedge fund returns have varied more widely causing dispersion among manager returns to increase and correlation among managers and hedge fund strategies to decrease. This allows for greater diversification benefits to investors and leads to higher risk adjusted returns.

5) In order to attract new assets, managers are offering investors various incentives that may include access to closed funds, higher levels of liquidity, greater transparency and/or reduced fees.

Strategies that trade liquid securities and are able to take advantage of the volatility in global markets will be better positioned to outperform. Capintro favors the following strategies for the remainder of 2009:

1) Global Macro
2) Arbitrage
3) Equity Hedge

“It’s important for investors to realize that the current environment presents substantial opportunities for hedge fund managers and in turn for them. Our objective is to help uncover these opportunities, specifically in the aftermath of the events of 2008 and the massive de-leveraging that took place within the financial system” said Mahmoud Al-Khawaja, CEO of Capintro Partners.

About Capintro Partners, Ltd.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom with a representative office in Dubai, Capintro undertakes a range of activities including, but not limited to, placement services of actively managed funds and direct investments in the alternative investment industry including hedge funds. Aiming to become a leader in the investment product placement business, Capintro will bridge a gap between global investment managers and institutional and high net worth clients throughout the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.