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22 May 2009

Tel Aviv Conference to Serve as International Economic Collaboration Platform

West Palm Beach ( - The organizing committee of The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is to host more than 500 of the leading securities regulators and economic experts from more than 65 countries at this year's conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, June 8-11.

"We are honored to host the world's leading regulatory experts, from Albania to Zambia, in Israel for this important event," said Spokeswoman Yael Almog. "Israel 's sophisticated local market regulation and high levels of investor protection make it a great setting for this historical event. We believe that IOSCO 2009 will not only help restore strength in the world’s regulatory system, but more importantly, it will foster renewed confidence among the international investment community."

Conference participants include SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, S&P President Deven Sharma and UK FSA Chairman Lord Adair Turner and Mario Draghi, Governor of Banca d’talia and Chairman of the Financial Stability Forum.

The conference provides the opportunity, IOSCO said, for regulators from both emerging and developed markets to address the global effects of the financial crisis on the financial and securities system and the stability of the world economy. In addition, it will emphasize the role emerging markets will play in the global recovery process and will outline the need and importance for new partnerships between developed and developing markets.

The conference will be hosted by the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).