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13 Jan 2009

Hedge Fund Editor to Join NetSalonFX as Adviser

Chris Gillick, currently an associate editor with Trader Monthly and Dealmaker magazines, has agreed to join NetSalonFX as an adviser, principal/branch manager, and regulatory liaison, having just completed his NASD Series 30 exam.

As an editor for Trader Monthly and Dealmaker, he has covered the hedge fund industry, brokerages, private equity and investment banking. In 2008, he helped produce several widely followed industry lists such as the Trader Monthly 100, the Trader Monthly Top 30 Under 30, the Dealmaker Top 40 Under 40, and Dealmaker's Party Crashers, featuring the top women in private equity.

"I am happy to have Chris aboard," Says Lance A. Perry, CEO of NetSalonFX and its parent company, NetSalon Software Development Inc, "He brings great credibility as a financial professional with deep knowledge of the foreign exchange market, and as a journalist covering so many sectors of the financial world. He's going to be a great asset to our clients."

"I'm very much looking forward to working with the NetSalonFX team," says Gillick. "I'm excited to get my into the trading world while still pursuing my passion of journalism."

NetSalonFX's clients are all accredited investors, whom Gillick is accustomed to conversing with regularly in his coverage of the world of high finance. "I have had the privilege of meeting people in every corner of the world of finance, including introducing brokers in the foreign exchange market. Unfortunately not all IBs have the best intentions when selling their products. However, NetSalonFX has done a great job of screening out unqualified investors and building a community of traders who understand fully the great risks, and rewards, of the foreign exchange market."

Eze's Virtual Hotel Suites

Hedge fund manager, Eze Castle Integration has introduced a web version of its "hedge fund hotel" for small hedge funds with fewer than 10 people.

The company introduced the fully managed physical suite in November 2007 and the Eze says that the new offering has many of the same options now, over the Internet, using Citrix servers and thin clients. Users pay a monthly subscription fee for this hosted platform using their own desktops and basic networking.

"We act as a cloud," says Bob Guilbert, managing director. "As we add more applications to our back end data center, we'll enable clients to get things like CRM services, accounting services and anything else that might be necessary to run a back office operation. The benefit of this solution is they don't have to build out an IT infrastructure, they don't have to build out a data center. That makes it very easy for them to become operational."