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30 Jun 2008

SGI Alternative Strategy Launch

Security Global Investors (SGI) announced a strategic initiative to intensify its capital raising efforts for alternative global equity product offerings.

SGI has been managing institutional assets since 1962 and currently has approximately $9 billion in assets under management, approximately $1 billion in global equity investment strategies. The global equity team manages a Global Long Only (GLO), A Global Long / Short Long-Biased (GLS), and is launching a new Global Market Neutral strategy (GMN) this year.

The company’s accelerated effort coincides with the hiring of industry veteran Sanjay Yodh to focus on the firm’s global alternative products. Yodh has more than a decade of institutional sales experience with J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Asset Management.

“We are a fundamental, research-driven team that employs a consistent, repeatable process. Our experience and focus on risk management makes SGI’s alternative products especially attractive for institutional investors in today’s volatile markets,” noted Yodh.

The performance of GLS, the transparency of the process and a deep 13-person investment team has garnered attention from hedge fund investors. John Boich, with more than 17 years experience in successfully managing global equity portfolios leads the team.

Boich spent eight years directing research and investment decisions for Montgomery Asset Management’s $4 billion global and international mandates. “We’ve always had a skilled team, a well-defined process, and competitive risk-adjusted performance track record,” Boich said.