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15 Feb 2008

Hedge Funds & Alternative Investments Handbook

Research and Markets has announced the addition of “The Hedge Funds & Alternative Investments Handbook 2008” to their offering.

The 2008 edition of this guide to the world of alternative investments comes as the playing field becomes more exciting due to new concepts, regulation and increasingly global reach of hedge funds. The handbook brings together an internationally acclaimed editorial board of experts in the field of alternative investments.

Including topical debate, discussion and the latest research on the issues of the moment within the hedge funds and alternative investments world. Leading players from exchanges, funds, law firms and investment banks present exclusive insights into offshore developments, the key regions, regulation and the role of education and ethics in this rapidly changing and evolving scene.

Articles in this year’s Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments Handbook explore;

alternative beta replication
precious metals
the role of branding
self regulation
global activism
ethics and regional perspectives.