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26 Aug 2008

Hedge Fund buy-out and Launch of New Fund

The Directors of Cayman based Camelot Global Investments announced a management buy-out of their hedge fund, in cooperation with Merlin Global Enterprise.

Camelot will join Arkanar Financial Holdings, with the head office being relocated to Tallinn, Estonia. A branch will remain in Caymans.

The key staff members will stay, "It is important that we were able to maintain all trading and administrative staff," the board announced, "We have only lost the former majority shareholders who decided to retire and leave the industry."

Bob Torkelund has joined as Managing Director and co-shareholder, he will head the entire promotion, distribution and the servicing of funds. Torkelund will also lead the launches of new products according to market demand.

"I am really delighted to be able to be part of this young, dynamic team especially because we have been working together for a while on a consulting basis and have got to know each other very well and know where to support each other. The combination of my experience and contact network makes it a thrilling opportunity for both parties”, Torkelund said.

Apart from Torkelund, head trader Thomas Feldt and Jevgeni Geller are still shareholders and directors in the company. Having contributed largely to the past success of Camelot, they and are enthusiastic about the challenge. Geller will concentrate on business development, overseeing all operations to ensure continuity in performance and service. Feldt will continue to head the trading desk and will be responsible for investment strategy.

The investment strategy will reflect Camelot's previous success. Feldt analyses systematic trading and global macro strategy, making adjustments in conjunction with market change in order to ensure constant development in the returns.

On September 15th 2008 Arkanar Financial will be launching their first Cayman licensed fund in cooperation with Capita Financial, Gibraltar.

One of the significant differences with non-regulated funds is that they can offer investments from as little as $10 000 and subsequent deals from $1000.

Arkanar Financial Holdings also utilises electronic clearing facilities ( Euroclear /Clearstream), accepting deals on a -payment against delivery- basis which opens basically for a large number of Europeans banks to be able to invest on behalf of their clients, a big step for the more general investment population to be able to test hedge funds without having to risk a large part of their portfolio on one position.

The initial offering period will be running till September 30th.

Luxembourg platform smoothes way for hedge funds

A platform for asset managers and advisers to create SICAV SIF funds in Luxembourg has been launched by KMG SICAV SIF. The platform caters to all asset classes, including hedge funds. There are no restrictions on leverage.

Thee process allows managers to focus on investment management, the process allows managers to focus on investment management. . The platform takes care of incorporation, custody, transfers and administration. In addition it can also offer a Luxembourg address and office for the fund, organise annual general meetings of shareholders and supply investors with statements, day-to-day management and general organization as well as order placing and execution, investment performance reports, promotion and distribution and corporate branding.

The open-architecture platform provides a faster route to market with funds established and open for capital within a few weeks rather than months, which it usually takes for a traditional fund. The platform can also provide all back office support, administration and other services for funds.

The KMG SICAV SIF platform is an off the shelf solution, licensed and regulated in Luxembourg. Entities establishing a fund through the platform do not have to apply for additional licences.