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16 May 2011

40 Under 40 Rising Stars of Hedge Funds

HedgeCo News - Financial News has announced it's first listing of the 40 under 40 Rising Stars of Hedge Funds, acknowledging the talent of men and women from all corners of the hedge fund industry.

"The list, which was whittled down from a longer list of 100, was drawn up by a panel of four over three months." Financial News said, Their roles vary, but the 40 names on the list all have in common fierce determination, dedication, dynamism and, of course, youth."

The list, in alphabetical order, includes:

Shamez Alibhai, partner and head of real estate debt management team at Cheyne Capital (38)
Jamie Allsopp, portfolio manager, Insparo Asset Management (33)
Reza Amiri, founder of Susa Fund Management (36)
Geoff Bamber, chief investment officer, Skyline Capital (29)
Daniele Benatoff, co-founder, Benros Capital (31)
Jeff Blumberg, chief executive, Egerton Capital (35)
Charlotte Burkeman, co-head of European prime brokerage, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (32)
Leonard Charlton, portfolio manager, Dalton Strategic Partnership (34)
Jean-François Comte, co-president, Lutetia Capital (36)
Frederic Couderc, founder, Toro Capital at Chenavari Financial Group (36)
Anne-Sophie d’Andlau, co-founder and deputy chief executive, CIAM (38)
Django Davidson, partner, Algebris Investments (31)
Frederic Denjoy, founder, Denjoy Capital Partners (33)
Pedro de Noronha, founder, Noster Capital (34)
Dominic Freemantle, head of European prime brokerage sales and capital introductions, Morgan Stanley (35)
Lisa Fridman, head of European manager research, Paamco (31)
James Hanbury, portfolio manager, Odey Asset Management (31)
Ali Hedayat, partner, Edoma Partners (36)
Jeff Holland, founder, Liongate Capital Management (36)
Alexander Ivanovitch, managing partner, The Environmental Investment Partnership (34)
Mark Jones, chief operating officer, GLG (31)
Andre Konstantinow, head of manager selection, Barclays UK Retirement Fund (34)
Damien Loveday, global head of hedge fund research, Towers Watson (34)
Simone Lowe, fund manager, Thames River (29)
Jerome Lussan, founder, Laven Partners (38)
Tommaso Mancuso, partner and head of research, Hermes BPK Partners (34)
Lionel Melka, founder and head of research, Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co (34)
Henrik Molin, head of development, Frey Quantitative Strategies (35)
Gideon Nieuwoudt, portfolio manager and member of the investment committee, Silver Creek (35)
Emily Porter, portfolio manager, absolute return strategies, Universities Superannuation Scheme (32)
Stephen Rosen, senior portfolio manager, Omni Partners (35)
Ariel Roskis, co-founder, Benros Capital (35)
Fabrice Seiman, co-president, Lutetia Capital (32)
Edgar Senior, global co-head of capital services, Credit Suisse (35)
Robert Sorrell, founder, Sorrell Capital (36)
Nick Stukas, managing partner, Nightscape Capital (32)
Ross Turner, founder, Pelham Capital (34);
Alex Vaskevitch, fund manager, BCM & Partners (31)
Tim West, partner, Herbert Smith (33)
Guy Wolf, partner, Oxburgh Partners (34)

The criteria for the award was achievement to date given their age, the stature of their mentors, firepower at their disposal and their potential to reach a position of great influence.