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12 Apr 2010

UCITS Hedge Fund Strategy Index Gains 0,79% in April

HedgeCo News - After a strong performance in March the UCITS Hedge Fund Strategy Index showed no signs of weakness in the first week of April (by business day 5, April 8th 2010).

The broad index gained 0,79% as every strategy was positive, the most successful being Credit (1,99%), Global Macro (1,81%) and Convertible (1,29%). These three strategies continue to be the most successful strategies in 2010, bringing the UCITS HFS Index to a year to date performance of 3,04%.

The UCITS HFS Index Series is the first index family that tracks all UCITS funds using hedge fund strategies. The UCITS HFS Index Series includes all UCITS III funds that apply absolute return strategies, have more than €10 million ($13.5 million) of assets under management, offer at least weekly liquidity and have reported numbers for more than one month. Index tracking funds, long-only and 130/30 strategies are excluded.

LandColt Launches Mutual Fund Model Focused on Precious Metals

Hedgeco News - Alternative trading solutions expert, LandColt Trading, LLC has launched a new investment model, The LandColt Trading Precious Metals Model, which will concentrate on the gold market. The new model capture returns on the upside, and downside, of the market, while emulating the Dow Jones Precious Metals Index.

“We have received many inquiries from investors and traders asking us to launch additional trading models,” said Todd M. Schoenberger, Managing Director of LandColt Trading, LLC. “The success of our Oil & Gas Model really helped incorporate the same investment philosophy into other sectors. We believe the new Precious Metals Model can help investors who wish to incorporate a gold methodology into their portfolios.”

The Precious Metals Model uses the same investment logic as its cousin, the LandColt Trading Oil & Gas Model, which has posted a year-to-date return of 20.80% through April 7th. The official start date for the new Precious Metals Model was April 1st, and it has a return of 9.01% through April 7th.

The LandColt Trading Precious Metals Model uses only three no-load mutual funds, all of which permit frequent trading without penalty. The three funds, all created by the ProFunds Mutual Fund family, are as follows:

1. ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector Fund (PMPIX)
2. ProFunds Short Precious Metals Fund (SPPIX)
3. ProFunds U.S. Government Plus Bond Fund (GVPIX)

LandColt Trading's mission is to proactively and ethically offer trading solutions for a client's "explore" investments with a passion for calculated risk-taking and thorough due diligence. The firm’s core product is its LandColt Trading Oil & Gas Model, which sells its trading signal and can be purchased as a subscription service.