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10 Oct 2008

Hedge Fund Manager Attempts Overhaul of Noront's Board of Directors

Hedge fund manager Rosseau Asset Management Ltd. and certain related parties have filed a dissident's proxy circular (the "Dissident's Circular") to Noront Resources Ltd., in which the hedge fund group controls over approximately 9.2% of common shares.

Rosseau asks Noront's shareholders to vote against the re-election of the Company's current Board of Directors and instead vote to elect a new slate of directors at the upcoming annual meeting of shareholders scheduled to be held on October 28, 2008.

During recent meetings between Rosseau and Noront's management, the hedge fund manager indicated it wanted significant changes to Noront's Board of Directors and some senior management.

Rosseau rejected Noront's compromise proposal and has commenced its proxy fight with the filing of the Dissident's Circular, saying, "Rosseau's action is not in the best interest of shareholders. It is an opportunistic attempt, in light of extraordinary recent market conditions......Norent will respond (to the circular) shortly."

Aviva Announces Increased Hedges

UK asset management group and hedge fund investor Aviva plc ("Aviva") is holding an investor and analyst briefing to announce the strengthening of its protection against further falls in global equity markets through increased hedges.

Such that even in the event of a further 40% fall in equity markets, its surplus regulatory capital would only be reduced by £0.7 billion ($1.1 billion). This is a significant improvement when contrasted with the position as at 30 June 2008 when a 40% fall in equity markets would have reduced the surplus regulatory capital by £1.3 billion ($2.2 billion).

"We are focused on accelerating transformational change to deliver a unified and more profitable company," Andrew Moss, CEO, commented, "This is clearly demonstrated both by the creation of Aviva Investors and the reshaping of our UK General Insurance business to focus on insurance excellence and deliver the promise of scale."

Moss also said, "We are pleased to confirm that in the face of the recent market turmoil, Aviva's capital position remains strong. Our active capital management ensures the group remains robust in the face of the current economic adversity, providing security for our customers and investors alike, and ensuring that the group is well positioned as confidence returns."

Moss will take the opportunity to provide an update on Aviva's continuing strong position in the current economic environment with Aviva's surplus regulatory capital estimated to be £1.9 billion ($3.2 billion) at 30 September 2008, compared to £1.8 billion ($3 billion) at 30 June 2008.