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6 Jun 2007

Skylight Comes In At #1 For Real Estate Hedge Funds

Pacific Continental Fund Management’s Skylight Capital Build-Up fund has come first in a ranking of real estate hedge funds for Sharpe ratio over the past 36 months and third for compound annual return.

The Barclay Group’s findings prove that Skylight is one of the highest performing and consistent real estate hedge funds. Skylight reported returns of 1.05% for the April trading period and 69.49% culminative growth to date.

Pacific Continental Fund Management have said that these returns have provided investors with growth equal to around double that of the underlying housing market in the fund’s target area of the North.

Peter Phelan, hedge fund manager at Pacific Continental Fund Management, says: "Skylight’s ability to add value while minimizing risk and volatility continues to attract investors. The continued shortfall of new build properties and increased demand from the buy-to-let investor sector support the fund’s strategy."

The main objective of the Skylight Capital Build-Up Fund is to achieve medium to long term capital appreciation by investing in distressed residential properties in the UK.

Skylight Capital Build-Up Fund invests in residential property in the north of England, the hedge fund strategy focuses primarily on buy-to-let in the first time buyer sector of the market. Current assets under management are £34.18 million ($68 million).

Hedge Funds Investing in China's Energy Crisis

According to an 18-month investigation by StockInterview's research team, China is facing an energy crisis of epic proportions. Hedge funds such as SAC Capital, Citadel Associates and Renaissance Technologies have bought shares in companies which are trying to help China overcome its energy crisis.

StockInterview's new publication, "Investing in China's Energy Crisis." reports that China's steel industry is growing at a level not seen since the European and North American industrialization era of 1875-1900 and far greater than the post-war reconstruction of 1950 - 1970. For example, China is producing 34% of the world's steel.

China's cities are being built at an unimaginable rate. About 3,000 new automobiles are hitting the streets every day. China consumes 44% of the world's iron ore mined, 25% of the world's aluminum and 20% of the world's copper production.

For this massive production, China needs energy. Yet in January, the country began importing coal for the first time in its history. It is also the world's largest producer and consumer of coal.

With every new energy discovery, the find is immediately earmarked for new production facilities. The natural gas from a recent discovery of 3.8 trillion cubic meters in northeastern Sichuan Province was instantly assigned to continue fueling new and existing smelters.

Top money managers such as Warren Buffet and Eric Sprott have already invested in these China-energy companies according to the report. is a financial online news service, primarily reporting on uranium market news and the nuclear fuel cycle. StockInterview has also become highly visited for its research throughout the energy sector.