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6 Jun 2008

AIG and Larch Lane Create Hedge Fund Seeding Deal

Hedge Fund Investor AIG and Advisor Larch Lane have announced the formation of a joint venture to make seed investments in hedge funds. The joint venture seeks to capitalize on synergies between AIG Investments' global alternative investment and hedge fund capabilities and Larch Lane's specialization in hedge fund seeding.

Targets may include hedge fund start-ups, teams leaving established hedge funds, and established hedge funds in need of restructuring. They anticipate investing $50-200 million per deal across a wide range of hedge fund strategies and geographies.

"Talented investors are leaving large hedge funds to start their own businesses, but many of them have not been able to reach their capital targets." Mark Jurish, Larch Lane's CEO said, "The current supply/demand imbalance for start-up hedge fund capital represents the best seeding opportunity I've ever seen"

AIG Investments has been investing in hedge funds for 26 years and currently manages over $10 billion of hedge fund assets. AIG is currently invested in more than 130 hedge funds, including emerging managers. Larch Lane, the alternative investment affiliate of Old Mutual Asset Management, is among the pioneers in the hedge fund seeding business and has made a total of 22 seed investments over the course of the last seven years.