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21 Jul 2008

Canada's Sceptre Hires NY Hedge Fund Manger

New York-based Fairfield Greenwich Group ("FGG"), a $16.6 billion global hedge fund and fund of hedge funds management firm has formed a cooperative venture with Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited, one of Canada's leading independent money management firms to provide alternative investment solutions to Canadian institutional and high net worth investors.

"FGG manages some of the industry's finest funds of hedge funds and other alternative asset products." Richard L. Knowles, Sceptre's President and CEO said, "We believe that Sceptre's clients will understand the great value that FGG brings to the table, and that they will have considerable interest in the outstanding hedged products to which they may now gain access through this new relationship."

"We are excited to be working with Sceptre in Canada. For more than 25 years, FGG's expertise in manager selection, due diligence, and risk management has benefited our investors." David B. Horn, Partner and Chief Global Strategist of FGG commented, "We have great confidence that Sceptre's extensive network of investors will appreciate the quality and diversity of FGG's platform of products, and the institutional investment and risk management with which we support it."

Sceptre manages client assets of $9.5 billion, utilizing a broadly diversified investment approach. Originally founded as an institutional fund manager, Sceptre has broadened its expertise to include both retail and private client portfolio management. Sceptre manages segregated and pooled fund portfolios for pension and other savings plans of corporations, government sponsored funds, universities, unions, charitable foundations, endowments and reserve funds of insurance companies.