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5 Aug 2009

Credit Suisse Alternative Index Replication Suggests a Positive Month for Hedge Funds

Long/Short Equity hedge funds continued to increase overall net exposures in July, enabling managers to capitalize on market upswings early in the month, according to Jordan Drachman, Head of Research for Alternative Beta Strategies at Credit Suisse.

Dr. Drachman noted, ''As risk appetite returns to the market, many Long/Short Equity hedge fund managers have increased their overall net exposures, which enabled them to generate positive returns as equity markets bounced back early in July. Despite mid-month volatility, managers were able to preserve gains to finish up for the month. The Credit Suisse Long/Short Equity Replication Index was up 1.96% (net) for the month, while the Credit Suisse Global Macro Replication Index finished up 0.03% over the same period.”

AIR Indices seek to replicate the performance of major hedge fund strategies and enable investors to gain liquid, transparent insight into the Global Macro and Long/Short Equity sectors of the Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index. The AIR platform also offers inverse indices that seek to approximate short exposure to the aggregate returns of the universe of Long/Short Equity and Global Macro hedge fund managers.

Performances for the AIR Global Macro and Long/Short Equity Indices are calculated daily and shown net of a 1.15% per annum calculation fee.