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31 Jul 2009

Hedge Fund Shareholder Joins Board of Directors

Hedge fund founder J. Winder Hughes, III, has joined wastewater treatment and power generation technology company, ThermoEnergy Corporation, on the Company's Board of Directors.

Hughes is the Managing Director of the private equity firm of Hughes Capital Investors, LLC. In 2000, Hughes formed the Focus Fund, LP, a Florida-based, highly concentrated equity partnership that focuses on publicly-traded emerging growth companies. Over the past two years, the Focus Fund has become one of the largest investors in ThermoEnergy Corporation.

"We are extremely pleased that Mr. Hughes accepted our invitation to join the board of ThermoEnergy Corporation," said Dennis C. Cossey, ThermoEnergy's Chairman and CEO. "With his extensive background in corporate finance and investment banking, Mr. Hughes represents a tremendous resource on which the ThermoEnergy management team can rely on."

"Given that the Company is on the cusp of commercial prosperity with its wastewater treatment business and at the forefront of achieving value-creating milestones with its Babcock-Thermo Carbon Capture joint venture," said Mr. Hughes, "I look forward to working with the management team to strengthen the company's financial stability and improve business performance for the benefit of all its stakeholders."