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29 May 2008

Jupiter Fund Launch

Hedge fund manager Jupiter Asset Management announced the launch on June second 2008 of the of the Jupiter Strategic Bond Fund.

The new fund is Sterling denominaterd with a 4% initial fee and 1.25% as annual management charge. The minimum investment is a lump sum of £500 ($896.2), or monthly saving of £50 ($98.6).

The Fund, which has received approval from the FSA, is aimed at investors with a medium to long term outlook seeking income with potential for capital growth. The fund, which has a target yield of 7%, will offer a wide spectrum in terms of appetite for risk, with the ability to switch from a conservative to aggressive stance depending on circumstances.

The Fund will be managed as a 'go-anywhere' fund, aiming to achieve long term capital growth from investing in all areas of the credit ratings market. It will be managed by Ariel Bezalel, who has 10 years experience working in credit markets at Jupiter. He currently manages the fixed interest components of three unit trusts - Jupiter Global Managed, Jupiter High Income and Jupiter Monthly Income.

Bezalel said, "The investment grade market is pricing in a severe recession and the high yield market is pricing in a sharp rise in defaults. Whilst I am cautious on the economic outlook, current valuations seem to offer potentially handsome rewards for the risk. This situation, in my view, presents the most compelling investment opportunity in credit we have seen for many years."

Jupiter Unit Trust Managers Limited (JUTM) and Jupiter Asset Management Limited (JAM) are both are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The group is collectively known as "Jupiter".