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22 Feb 2008

CAI's Two New Investment Strategies

Choice Alternative Investments, Ltd.(CAI) has introduced two new alternative investment strategies into the market.

The first being the Standard & Poor's DTI, which is a low volatility strategy that works particularly well with very large fixed income alternative investment strategies, according to Arne Langaskens, advisor at CAI, "Due to the success of the alternative investment strategies, CAI is also looking to expand its exposure in the alternative and hedge fund arena," he said.

The DTI plans to offer yield enhancement and diversification, it currently has over $725 million allocated to it at this point.

The other is CAI Aggressive Growth Strategy ("CAI AG") which is a high volatility aggressive growth relative strength equity strategy. CAI AG is suited more for investors seeking higher rates of return that can accept high volatility for this segment of their portfolio. A major Swiss Bank seeded the strategy and it now has over $15 million allocated to it.

CAI is an uniquely focused alternative asset manager delivering structure, risk control, seeking long-term performance stewarding global capital.