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25 Feb 2009

Diamond Fund Set to Launch

KPR Capital Limited announces the launch of the KPR Diamond Fund. The fund offers investors a unique access to physical diamonds capitalising on the price appreciation of top quality colourless diamonds.

The Fund aims to provide returns which are not correlated with traditional asset classes, act as a hedge against inflation and benefit from the supply/demand imbalance over the long term. The fund is part of KPR Fund SPC, a Cayman Islands open-ended investment company.

The investment manager has engaged a team of diamond industry experts that have in-depth knowledge and industry insight of the diamond market. The fund’s investment adviser is Goldwinds Asset Management Limited, a London based asset management firm.

Giovanni Pennetta, CEO of Goldwinds Asset Management, said, “The long term outlook for diamonds is robust. We are confident that this fund will provide the means for investors to diversify their portfolio and gain exposure to physical diamonds in a cost-efficient way. We see this as a huge investment opportunity that investors should not miss.”

The fund is open to investors in February and will launch on the 2nd March 2009. The fund has a minimum investment of US$ 250,000. Investors in the fund may benefit from the option to purchase stones on selected diamond sales by the fund at a wholesale price. The Diamond Segregated Portfolio may be offered, sold or transferred directly or indirectly to Non US Taxpayers and US Tax-exempt investors. US Taxpayers may invest in interest of the Partnership, KPR Diamond Fund L.P.

Hedge Funds Hold Up in January

Morningstar reported a summary of hedge fund performance for January 2009 as well as asset flows for 2008. As stocks and government bonds got clobbered in January, hedge funds held up relatively well, the report said.

The Morningstar 1000 Hedge Fund Index declined only 1.2% and the currency-hedged Morningstar with MSCI Hedge Fund Composite Asset-Weighted Index rose 1.2%, against the MSCI World Index's 8.9% drop and the BarCap Global Aggregate Index's 3.3% decline.

"Some liquidity returned to the credit markets in January, helping certain hedge fund strategies, but even hedge funds trading equities persevered through January's tough markets," said Morningstar Hedge Fund Analyst Nadia Papagiannis. "Overall, hedge funds held their own in January."

The rise in the U.S. dollar created profits for some price-trend-following and global-macro non-trend funds in January, but volatility across equity, government bond, and commodity markets throughout the month led to trading losses. The Morningstar Global Non-Trend Hedge Fund Index rose 0.1% while the Morningstar Global Trend Hedge Fund Index declined 1.6%.

Investors continued to pull out of hedge funds, withdrawing $26 billion in December and $70 billion for the year. Europe- and U.S.-equity hedge funds saw the largest redemptions, losing $14.8 and $18.3 billion respectively in 2008.

Rasmala Launches 2 Saudi Funds

The Saudi Capital Market Authority has approved Rasmala Investments request to launch two Saudi Equity funds. One of the funds 'Rasmala Saudi Equity Fund' will be managed according to the Shari'a guidelines approved by the fund's Shari'a Committee Jadwa and the other will be a conventional fund.

"The funds will invest in companies and industries that are poised to benefit from continuing opportunities in the Saudi economy. We believe the steep correction the market has witnessed since late last year has created many valuable opportunities, particularly for investors who view the prospects and strength of the Saudi economy favorably," Muhammad Shabbir, Head of Asset Management and CIO, said.

"Both funds will be suitable for investors who seek capital appreciation over the medium to long-term and will focus on adding value through a robust stock selection process relying primarily on the fundamental analysis skills of Rasmala's asset management team." Hamad Al Huthaili, Managing Director of Rasmala said, "Rasmala pioneered the fund-of-funds model in the MENA markets and the Company strives to provide high quality investment products to major segments of Saudi investors."