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29 Jan 2009

Green Alternative Investment Software To Be Developed

CommodityPoint, a utilities analyst and consulting firm of UtiliPoint International, is partnering with Global Change Associates, convergence of energy and environmental financial markets specialist, to undertake a multi-client research project and to produce a study report around emissions trading & monitoring software.

“Green trading has now become established and various 'green' commodities are now actively traded by a variety of participants including carbon, SOx and Nox as well as RECs (Renwable Energy Credits). Investor interest in trading these commodities is at an all time high. Consequently there is a growing demand for software products that will support these trading and risk management activities as well as in those software products that monitor and help manage emissions," said Dr. Gary M. Vasey of CommodityPoint. "Indeed, as forecast in our book 'Trends in Energy Trading, Transaction and Risk Management Software - a Primer' (Booksurge, 2006), these two software categories are morphing as the two software markets collide."

“The emerging greenhouse gas market is now ripe for software solutions on an enterprise level. Today, the environmental software space is quite small. It is estimated at $100 million with many small companies developing and extending their domain expertise into this area and beyond energy company applications (energy companies have had to comply with environmental laws in many jurisdictions for over a decade),“ said Mr. Peter C. Fusaro of Global Change Associates Inc.“The need to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions data is becoming a new area of business development for software companies especially with impending federal greenhouse gas laws in the United States."