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29 May 2008

Jupiter Fund Launch

Hedge fund manager Jupiter Asset Management announced the launch on June second 2008 of the of the Jupiter Strategic Bond Fund.

The new fund is Sterling denominaterd with a 4% initial fee and 1.25% as annual management charge. The minimum investment is a lump sum of £500 ($896.2), or monthly saving of £50 ($98.6).

The Fund, which has received approval from the FSA, is aimed at investors with a medium to long term outlook seeking income with potential for capital growth. The fund, which has a target yield of 7%, will offer a wide spectrum in terms of appetite for risk, with the ability to switch from a conservative to aggressive stance depending on circumstances.

The Fund will be managed as a 'go-anywhere' fund, aiming to achieve long term capital growth from investing in all areas of the credit ratings market. It will be managed by Ariel Bezalel, who has 10 years experience working in credit markets at Jupiter. He currently manages the fixed interest components of three unit trusts - Jupiter Global Managed, Jupiter High Income and Jupiter Monthly Income.

Bezalel said, "The investment grade market is pricing in a severe recession and the high yield market is pricing in a sharp rise in defaults. Whilst I am cautious on the economic outlook, current valuations seem to offer potentially handsome rewards for the risk. This situation, in my view, presents the most compelling investment opportunity in credit we have seen for many years."

Jupiter Unit Trust Managers Limited (JUTM) and Jupiter Asset Management Limited (JAM) are both are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The group is collectively known as "Jupiter".

28 May 2008

Blackstone Launches Asia Hedge Fund

The Blackstone Group announced that Aaron Nieman will be launching Blackstone Altius Advisors, a new event-driven strategy focusing on opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. A global, highly experienced investment team will be headquartered in Hong Kong, with additional professionals based in Tokyo, Mumbai, and New York.

Nieman joined Blackstone from S.A.C. Capital Management, where he was a Managing Director in the Canvas Capital Management division.

"As Blackstone continues to aggressively seek opportunities within Asia, Aaron and his team will provide additional investment capability that will bolster our presence in the region." said Antony Leung, Chairman of Blackstone Greater China.

"Blackstone has a superior global alternative investment platform. It also employs some of the best professionals in the industry. The synergies that exist within Blackstone's various businesses will provide us with a significant advantage investing in the Asia Pacific markets," said Aaron Nieman, Senior Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Altius Advisors.

In addition to Blackstone Altius Advisors, Blackstone's other businesses in Asia include its corporate private equity fund (Blackstone Capital Partners), its real estate opportunity fund (Blackstone Real Estate Partners), its fund of hedge funds business and two closed-end mutual funds (The India Fund and The Asia Tigers Fund).

26 May 2008

Hedge Fund Suicide

Kirk Sean Wright, CEO of hedge fund International Management Associates of Atlanta hanged himself in a Union City jail cell Saturday night.

Wright was convicted by a federal jury on 47 counts of mail fraud, securities fraud and money laundering, stemming from a scam run through his hedge fund, International Management Associates. He collected between $115 million and $185 million for his hedge fund from at least 500 investors since 1997.

The FBI in association with the IRS, DOJ and SEC investigated why requests by current and former NFL players for their funds were ignored.

Wright maintained his innocence until the end, contending that simple mis-management was to blame for his investors' losses.

23 May 2008

FoHF's Join Forces to Launch Motion Picture Fund

New York based fund of hedge funds (FoHF) Ginepri Capital, and SAGA Capital, an alternative investments advisory firm, announced a newly formed venture, the SAGA/Ginepri Alpha Fund that focuses on the structuring of complex film slates and debt portfolios in the motion picture space.

"Film investors will increasingly employ new techniques commonly used by investment banks, advisory firms and hedgers to analyze the risk/return profiles of potential securities investments." S.K. Dean, Managing Partner of Ginepri Capital added.

SG Alpha Fund will focus on the financing, analysis and securitization of mid to high budget independent films with committed distribution.

Both FoHF contributed significant proprietary risk capital to the new venture, SG Funds will be syndicating $400 million in debt, between a group of New York and European investment banks, to leverage committed capital. The company will only green-light investments using the proprietary Movie Alpha Model.

"We are very enthusiastic about our association with Ginepri for the design, valuation, production and distribution of film portfolios and related acquisitions." Ralf Voellmer, SAGA President stated.

With a strong emphasis in analyzing the risk/returns in developed economies and emerging markets, the management team of SAGA has significant expertise in financial modeling, including analysis and securitization of deals with embedded credit risk, market risk, and operational risk.

False Asset Statments Lead to Conviction

Kirk Wright's Atlanta-based hedge fund company, International Management Associates was found to be fraudlent leading to the conviction of the manager, Wright, as the Department of Justice unsealed a March 10 criminal complaint against him.

"The complaint alleges a fraud involving $150 million to $180 million in missing investor assets managed by Wright's funds, International Management Associates and International Management Associates Advisory Group," said U.S. Attorney David Nahmias in a statement.

The federal complaint charges mail fraud, executed by mailing a set of false asset statements to IMA investor Stephen Atwater. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 on conviction.

According to authorities, Wright and his company collected more than $150 million spread across thousands of client accounts since 1997 and used false statements and documents to mislead some of them to believe the value of those investments was increasing.

Sentencing is set for August 26.

22 May 2008

April 2008 Hedge Fund Performance

Hedge funds started the second quarter of 2008 on a strong note as global stock markets recovered, according to Singapore-based hedge fund research company Eurekahedge.

"The Fed's aggressive response to the weakness across credit markets and the slowing of economic growth in the U.S. went some way in improving investor sentiment during April," Eurekahedge said on their website.

"Rallying equity markets, on the back of a sharp increase in risk appetites, coupled with market reversals across some other asset classes, such as bonds and currencies, were factors responsible for the month's gain," Eurekahedge said.

The MSCI World Index jumped 5% in April, completing the best month since November 2004, as confidence returned following the U.S. subprime loan crisis.

Eurekahedge pointed to Japanese managers as the best performers in April, with the Eurekahedge Japan Hedge Fund Index advancing 3.5%. The report showed similar gains with the Asia Ex-Japan index climbing 2.8%.

The Eurekahedge North American Hedge Fund Index added 1.5%, while the index tracking European hedge funds rose 1.4%. Managers of funds using so-called long-short equity strategies were the best performers because of gains in global stock markets.

Eurekahedge was launched by experienced members of the investment banking community for the hedge fund and investment community. The Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index tracks the performance of 2,230 funds that invest globally.

21 May 2008

Hedge Fund Manager Charged With Fraud

William Galvin, Massachusetts' top securities regulator has charged the hedge fund manager of the River Stream Fund with improperly soliciting investors.

The investigation also turned up a brokerage statement that showed the fund had $1,625 in its account in April. Regan had said he ran $15 million. The regulator said investors who entrusted their savings to Regan feared the money is now lost.

Investigators found River Stream client data thrown into a dumpster near an empty office where Regan said he worked. Wiliam Galvin, whose job includes protecting investors in Massachusetts, has waged aggressive campaigns against anyone caught trying to cheat investors.

19 May 2008

HedgeCo Networks LLC Secures Major Outside Investment from Inter-Atlantic Group

HedgeCo Networks LLC has received its first major outside investment from Inter- Atlantic Group, a private equity firm specializing in the financial services sector. The capital will be used by HedgeCo to expand business operations in both their New York City and West Palm Beach locations, as well as to break out into new verticals of the hedge fund industry.

"We are extremely excited that Inter-Atlantic has taken an interest in us, and are eager to take HedgeCo to the next level," says Evan Rapoport, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of HedgeCo Networks. "The vote of confidence that they've instilled in us further fuels our existing drive to be the leading name in the hedge fund service industry."

Inter-Atlantic currently invests in a handful of small to mid-size companies. The companies are chosen after a careful evaluation and determination of potential growth and market reach.

"Inter-Atlantic believes the hedge fund industry is a high growth sector with tremendous potential," says Inter-Atlantic Managing Partner Andrew Lerner. "Rather than investing in a hedge fund itself, Inter-Atlantic chose to invest in one of the premier service providers to hedge funds. We like HedgeCo's international reach, position as a top tier portal and recurring fee revenue model."

About HedgeCo Networks
HedgeCo Networks manages HedgeCo.Net, the premier Hedge Fund Database and Information Portal, along with nine other websites devoted to alternative investments. With over 25,000 active members, HedgeCo.Net provides a platform for hedge fund managers, investors and service providers.

HedgeCo also offers a vast array of services, including hedge fund website design, consultation, third party marketing and seeding. The company has consulted or helped to launch over 500 new hedge funds, both onshore and offshore. HedgeCo Networks was founded in 2001 by Evan Rapoport and Andrew Schneider. For more information, visit

About Inter-Atlantic Group
Inter-Atlantic Group seeks to identify and create private equity investment opportunities throughout the broad financial services industry, one of the largest segments of the US economy. Specific sectors include financial technology, banking, insurance, asset management and service providers to the financial services industry. Typical investments range from $3 million - $10 million. Inter-Atlantic is principally focused on US and Bermuda opportunities but considers investment opportunities worldwide. For more information, visit

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