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4 Feb 2009

Madoff Hedge Fund Shut Down by Luxembourg Regulators

Swiss bank UBS AG's money manager, Luxalpha, was one of the main European hedge funds that gave money to US money manager Bernard Madoff, it is now being shut down by CSSF, Luxembourg's financial supervisors.

The Luxalpha assets were frozen in January, in what appears to be the first court action in Europe. Another private investor in a second UBS-run feeder fund, Luxembourg Investment Fund-US Equity Plus, is also considering legal action against the Swiss bank.

People with knowledge of the situation claimed that the two Luxembourg funds were not actively marketed by the bank and were set up at the request of clients to send money to Madoff. One of the Luxalpha board members, Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, committed suicide in December after loosing $1.4 billion in his Madoff investments.