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6 Feb 2009

Arkanar Financial Global Macro Hedge Fund Launch

Alternative investment consultant and director, Bob Torkelund has announced the launch of a Cayman regulated fund, the Arkanar Global Macro SP. The fund is being monitored and the due diligence work done by the Cayman regulator before the launch took place.

The initial offering period runs throughout February 2009, with a minimum investment of $10.000.

Torkelund said, “The fund is easy dealing and settlement: we have organised electronic clearing via Clearstream/Euroclear ‘payment against delivery’ which makes the fund available to most European and international banks in line with other international securities.”

The fund has a 20% high water mark performance fee and 0.5% per quarter as management fee and an expected annual return of 15–20%.

Torkelund is director of global retail sales, marketing and operations for several boutique fund managers. He was also responsible for the formulation and execution of Threadneedle Investments and has become a serious player in Continental Europe.