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13 Nov 2008

AdultVest Closes Offering on Priapus, Says Fund on Track for the Year

Alternative investment management firm and Hedge Fund Launch of the Year Award Winner, AdultVest, Inc., announced it officially closed its offering in the Priapus Investment Fund, LLC.

"In spite of the US and Global economic condition, the Priapus Investment Fund, LLC is on track for a great year," Francis Koenig, the Manager of the Priapus Fund said, saying also that he has plans to re-open a new offering soon.

This year the Priapus Investment Fund acquired iPorn. com, HandJob. com, and several adult content libraries. The fund has invested in the development and acquisition of several internet technologies, software platforms, and mobile technologies, and also acquired a stake in a public company operating gentlemen's clubs.

"We have identified a few more opportunities that will close out the year and expect the fund to be fully invested by early 2009," Koenig said, 2We are already hard at work on the development of Priapus Investment Fund II and have very high expectations for the new fund."

The Beverly Hills, California-based investment company deals exclusively in the estimated 100 billion dollar Adult Entertainment Industry. It is active in mergers, acquisitions, and operates the only on-line investment community with over 4,500 registered investors and over 1,000 adult entertainment companies seeking investments, mergers, and acquisitions.