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2 Feb 2010

London Nominees Ltd. Launch Football Fund

HedgeCo News - The London Nominees Football Fund launched on Feb 1, 2010, with approximately $40 million in assets under management.

The investment panel includes ex international players, coaches and leading industry experts offering investment in clubs, players, related brands and franchises, at a low minimum investment. Up until now, the football industry has been highly specialized and is difficult for the average investor to participate in. The Football Fund has recently signed 2 key football figures, namely Carlos Alberto Torres, now Chairman of the Football Fund, and Bryan Robson, who is the ex-captain of Manchester United and is currently managing the Thai national team.

“I am thrilled to contribute my experience with Football teams and clubs to The Football Fund. Our team, while focused on business, is as much driven by the love of the sport as the goal of well-earned profit.” Torres, said, “The Football Fund invests not only in hard assets that bear fruit, but also in new ideas, fresh endeavors, and in the next generation of Football’s growth and development.”

“Our Fund empowers clubs, academies, and businesses around the world to advance the sport, and to make the dreams of tomorrow’s players a reality. The Fund’s goal is to create value for your investment; its mission is to give each investor the opportunity to invest in the passion, the excitement, and the richness of the Beautiful Game.” Torres said.

Salaries for the top players are approaching $10 million while the transfer fees can touch $100 million and just the English Premier League 2010-2013 UK broadcasting rights are in the region of 1.9 billion Euros.

The Top Ten Hedge Fund Launches Of 2009

Hedgco News - Assets raised by hedge fund startups in 2009 fell 36% from the previous year, marking the second year in a row that new fund assets declined significantly, according to the biannual AR New Funds Survey, published in the February issue of AR.

The largest new fund launches in the U.S. in 2009 amassed $14.89 billion, in contrast to $23.17 billion for the largest new funds in 2008 and $31.5 billion in 2007.

Although 53 funds with at least $50 million in assets launched by year-end, compared with 55 in 2008, the average size of the funds fell significantly. The number of new funds managing more than $1 billion also decreased. Only two new funds were able to end 2009 with $1 billion or more in assets, compared with 2008, which had five funds managing that amount.

Soros Fund Management alums Joshua Berkowitz and Marcel Kasumovich boasted the biggest new fund of the year with their Woodbine Capital Fund, a global macro strategy that launched at the end of 2008 but only started taking outside capital in 2009. The fund ended the year with $2.5 billion and is already nearing $3 billion thanks to additional in-flows at the start of 2010.

Arvind Raghunathan’s Roc Capital Partners Fund was the second-largest launch of the year—and the biggest that actually opened its doors in 2009. The firm’s global equity fund launched in August and ended the year managing $1 billion.

“There is still a reluctance of investors to part with their money. Moreover, the big issues of 2008 – transparency and liquidity – continue to be major challenges for new funds,” said Michelle Celarier, editor of AR. “The barriers to entry are also the highest they have ever been and the environment has been particularly challenging for capital raising.”

New strategies that are getting attention from investors include specialist and niche equity strategies such as those focused on health care, clean technology, climate change and alternative energy. Merger arbitrage is also attracting interest as the number of mergers and acquisitions increase.





ASSETS 12/31/09 (in $ millions)



Woodbine Capital Advisors

Woodbine Capital Fund

Global macro


Joshua Berkowitz, Marcel Kasumovich


Roc Capital Management

Roc Capital Partners Fund

Global equity,

market neutral


Arvind Raghunathan


Pia Capital Management

Pia Macro Fund

Liquid global macro


Christopher Pia


LDH Energy

LDH Energy Opportunities Fund



William Reed


Realm Partners LLC

Realm Partners Fund LP


event driven


Robert Millard


Harbinger Capital Partners

Credit Distressed Blue Line Fund



Philip Falcone


Saba Capital Management

Saba Capital Master



Boaz Weinstein


Plural Investments

Plural Partners Master Fund

L/s equity


Matt Grossman


Brevan Howard Asset Management

Brevan Howard Credit Catalyst



David Warren


Manatuck Hill Partners

Manatuck Hill Scout Fund

L/s equity


Mark Broach


* Estimated

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Fund Pros Launch LGBT Capital

HedgeCo News - Galileo Capital Management has launched LGBT Capital, a specialist Corporate Advisory and Investment Management Unit focused on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) consumer market.

LGBT Capital provides corporate advisory and business development services for companies that serve the LGBT consumer sector. In addition, LGBT Capital is preparing to launch a fund that will invest in companies worldwide that provide products and services to the LGBT community.

LGBT Capital’s principals Anders Jacobsen and Paul Thompson have over 40 years combined experience in the investment management sector with distinguished track records in global investment managers including Goldman Sachs, Prudential Financial, Inc., Bankers Trust and Chase Manhattan Bank as well as a unique knowledge of the LGBT sector. Between them they have advised numerous mutual, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds on their establishment and launch, as well as provided growth and development strategies for existing investment funds.

The power of the ‘pink dollar’ is now well understood by mainstream global marketers. LGBT Capital believes that as LGBT freedoms continue to develop, growing companies will increasingly look to raise capital, merge and acquire, which will require specialist advice and capital raising options.

LGBT Capital has met with a significant number of LGBT business owners and managers and found that many plans do not come to fruition due to the lack of professional business development advice available and the shortage of advice on how to access external investors. This is partly because many LGBT-oriented companies were originally established with a degree of secrecy and without the financial support otherwise available to start-up companies.

“LGBT-oriented business owners often have the desire to expand but also frequently lack the expertise, correct capital structure or know–how to access funding” said Paul Thompson, co-founder of LGBT Capital. “We believe there is a significant opportunity to provide the financial expertise typically found within an investment banking context to LGBT companies, which in turn would allow quality companies to secure funding”.

“A LGBT oriented resort was up for sale recently but despite many parties expressing interest, sufficient capital could not be raised by any one company or investor on their own” Paul Thompson said. “There is huge interest from investors to be part of the growth in the LGBT market but without concentrating risk in just one or two investments. The Fund we are preparing will provide a diversified portfolio of investments, both geographically and by business sector, in order to satisfy this investor demand”.

A survey commissioned by Galileo Capital Management in December 2009 and carried out by Iliad, the LGBT business networking organisation, among members of the London LGBT business community found that 80% of LGBT companies believe there is insufficient specialist advice on capital raising and structure as well as M&A.

The survey highlights significant suppressed and unmet demand for investment banking and business development advisory services to LGBT companies. Of the respondents, 80% of LGBT companies require capital for expansion, 100% of LGBT companies have expansion plans including expansion outside of their current scope/geography and 100% of LGBT companies would consider mergers, acquisition and third party investment.

The survey also found 100% of potential investors in LGBT companies did not proceed with their investments, with 80% citing inadequate funding and capital structure as the main reason.

“We expect there to be a significant increase in LGBT-oriented companies in the developing markets, coupled with greater openness within the developed markets. This will provide significant opportunities for corporate activity, including cross-border investment opportunities requiring industry specialists”, said Paul Thompson, the former first foreign CEO of a mainland China fund management business.

Anders Jacobsen observed that “there appear to be some very interesting combined investment and advisory opportunities, notably where relatively mature companies are looking to expand into developing markets such as China”.

LGBT Capital has operations in Europe and Greater China and a team of advisors with global coverage. LGBT Capital is committed to working with quality LGBT-oriented companies and to supporting the liberalization of LGBT freedoms, combining private sector investment approach and expertise with philanthropic support.

Free Hedge Fund Analysis From Gazebo Financial Services

A Silicon Valley hedge fund management and technology firm, Gazebo Financial Services, LLC, today announced the introduction of a new, free, web-based software tool for selecting and analyzing hedge funds.

The Gazebo Analytic Platform (GAP) simplifies searching large hedge fund databases by combining sophisticated data mining tools with a streamlined user interface. Investors and fund managers can now find funds based on a text search of an entire database, or using selection criteria including Market, Style, Geography, and Performance. The unique Funds Like This TM feature identifies similar funds based on strategy and return history.

Financial researchers can analyze funds from this database and from data they upload themselves privately and securely. The customizable Fund Report and multi-fund Comparison Report provide a large range of traditional and innovative analytic tools and charts. Funds can be combined to simulate and analyze portfolio performance.

Gazebo is providing this free tool because the current offerings of hedge fund analytics software are simply too cumbersome and expensive. “We don’t understand how you can charge $5000 a year for search tools and some math,” commented Roy McDonald, Chairman & CEO of Gazebo Financial Services. “GAP is a user-driven project that cuts out the bloatware in other software. It delivers simple, powerful solutions that managers can use anywhere, anytime to improve their investment and fund management strategies.”