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28 Aug 2009

GAIM Launches Not-For-Profit Hedge Fund Series

Hedge fund events and information group, GAIM, has launched its first not-for-profit business breakfast briefing session.

In an effort to connect the alternative investment community with up to date information and contact with investors and peers in the industry, GAIM said the session would be the first in a series of breakfast seminars offering senior members of the hedge fund community the opportunity to stay connected between the GAIM flagship events that take place throughout the year.

The first meeting is scheduled for September 22, 2009 in New York at the Omni Berkshire, titled: 'Where the Market Opportunities Will Be and How to Avoid Pitfalls Putting Capital to Work in the Fall'

Speakers include; Ken Akoundi, Head of Pension Strategies, North America, Deutsch Bank Securities Inc, Greggory White, Trustee, Howard University, Jose F. Gonzalez-Heres, Managing Director, Fund of Hedge Funds portfolios and a member of the Investment Committee, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners.