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16 Apr 2010

Hedge Fund Radio returns to Resonance FM: Monday, April 19

Stuart MacDonald posted on LinkedIn:

You are cordially invited to listen to the Monday, April 19th edition of the N@ked Short Club: 9-10pm/ 21.00-22.00 hrs., London time on not-for profit radio station, Resonance 104.4FM

The Guardian calls it: “the best radio station in London”
The Village Voice: “the best radio station in the world”

One hour of loose talk about hedge funds and the state of the world, plus sublime poetry and heady music... Nothing to do with anyone's day job, no promotional agenda, no commercial intent...just light relief in these interesting times.

Host: Dr. Stu and a team of Level 2 FAS 157 therapists will help callers to the Emergency Hedge Fund Helpline (1-800-DISTRESSED) to restore their Inner Fair Value frameworks.

Special guests:

* Dr. Chris Jones, CIO at Key/ Fellow at the Judge Institute, Cambridge University
* Chris Keen, Partner at Culross
* Gus Black, Partner at lawyers, Dechert; UCITS/ NewCITS expert
* Marilyn Ramplin, CEO of Ramplin Capital/ UCITS for Hedge Funds
* Thomas Bullman, Founder of the ground breaking Hedge Fund College and Hedge Fund Society
* Harriet Agnew from Financial News/ Dow Jones
* Thomas Deinet from the Hedge Fund Standards Board

Listen to the show within London on 104.4FM. Access it worldwide via

The show will be broadcast again from 3-4pm/ 15.00-16.00 hrs., London time on Thursday, April 22.

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SkyBridge Acquire 3 of Citi’s Hedge Fund Businesses

HedgeCo News - SkyBridge Capital has agreed to buy the fund of hedge funds, hedge fund seeding and hedge fund advisory businesses from Citi Alternative Investments, LLC (CAI), with total investments under management and advisory of $4.2 billion.

“It has been our belief for several years that the integration of a fund of hedge funds business is a natural fit with the SkyBridge platform, and this deal is a result of our long-term strategy to acquire assets that maximize value for investors,” said Anthony Scaramucci, managing partner of SkyBridge Capital.

The transaction will position SkyBridge as one of the leading global alternative asset managers with a total of $5.6 billion in assets under management and advisory and solidifies the firm as a global leader in hedge fund incubation. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Hedge Funds up 3.09% for the First Quarter of 2010

HedgeCo News - Final performance for the Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index ("Broad Index") is confirmed up 2.22% in March.

"The Credit/Suisse Tremont Hedge Fund Index returned 2.22% in March, finishing the first quarter of 2010 up 3.09%." Oliver Schupp, President of Credit Suisse Index Co., Inc., said, "Nine out of ten sectors posted positive performance for the month and top performing sectors included Managed Futures (+4.25%), Emerging Markets (+3.89%) and Long/Short Equity (+2.99%).

"Gains in the Managed Futures space were largely due to positive performance among trend followers who generated profits across equity, commodity and currency markets. Emerging Markets and Long/Short Equity managers capitalized on both global equity market rallies and an increase in investor appetite for risky assets. Conversely, Dedicated Short Bias managers posted the weakest performance this month, down 6.61%." Schupp concluded.

The Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index ("Broad Index") is one of the industry's premier asset-weighted hedge fund indices. Unlike equal-weighted indices, the Broad Index does not underweight top performers and overweight decliners in seeking to provide the most accurate representation of the hedge fund universe.