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3 Apr 2009

Hedge Fund Manager Capitalises On Mispriced Asian Performing Debt

Singapore hedge fund manager, 3 Degrees Asset Management, is launching ADF Prime Ltd, a credit opportunities fund that will invest primarily in the performing debt obligations of Asian companies that have been mispriced as a result of the Global Financial Crisis.

3 Degrees also manages the award winning Asian Debt Fund, an Asian distressed debt fund that has been active since 2004.

In Asia, debt prices have corrected far more sharply than in the US and Europe. This is driven by technical factors, the fund manager says, as Asian investment banks unwind their portfolios, global hedge funds close their Asian operations, and capital is generally pulled from the region.

The new fund will capitalize on the systemic inefficiencies endemic to Asian credit markets. Due to the limited number of players, and the highly relationship‐driven nature of Asian markets, inefficiencies are being exaggerated by the global financial crisis.

Targeting quality companies that either have, or can generate, enough cash flow to repay maturing debt without dependence on capital markets, the fund seeks annual, unlevered net returns in excess of 25%.

3 Degrees has received numerous awards, including “Best Asian Distressed Debt Fund”
and “Best Singapore Hedge Fund”. In 2007, Moe Ibrahim, the founder, was selected as
One of 20 Rising Stars of Hedge Funds by Institutional Investor. ADF Prime will be co‐managed by Moe Ibrahim and Jeff Tolk.

ADF Prime is also available to institutional investors and ultra high net worth individuals via the Firm’s Managed Accounts platform.