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18 Aug 2009

Salus Alpha Directional Market Funds Outperform

Salus Alpha (SA) announced that their fund, 'The Salus Alpha Directional Markets' stood out from its peers in the Managed Futures space due to its unique approach.

The majority of the managed futures funds, SA said, invests systematically according to computer based trading models. A computer model typically uses different indicators to identify trends on the global financial markets. These models can be characterized as long-term and short-term operating models.

Most managed futures funds use long-term trend following models; this is the reason why most of the famous managed futures funds have had significantly negative performance since the beginning of the year 2009: they didn’t recognize the trend reversal in time.

The Approach of the Salus Alpha Directional Markets Fund differs significantly from competitors – Model Risk is minimized.

"Unlike other firms we do not trust in technical analysis but we forecast futures prices with precision to identify trends. In contrast to other managed futures models the Salus Alpha Directional Markets controls risk on position, sector and portfolio level. Daily risk balancing positions the fund right in stormy weather or trend less markets." SA said.