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23 Jan 2009

EUEC Workshop fo Carbon Hedge Funds

Two prominent carbon and CDM Experts, Peter C. Fusaro, Dr. Prabhu Dayal are presenting the 'EUEC 2009' in Phoenix, Arizona, the Carbon Trading course includes practical case studies for the design and development of CDM Projects and Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

Aletrnative investment strategist, Global Change Associates, says the workshop will provide insights on the state of carbon trading markets and finance in the US and Europe and what some of the investment opportunities are in this emerging asset class for investors.

Case studies of renewable energy projects being developed by C TRADE in the Philippines will be used to illustrate the certification process for CERs, where methane gas emissions are avoided and electric power generated using waste methane bio-digester gas recovered from animal manure.

Fusaro is a Global Change Associates carbon expert and best selling author of "What Went Wrong at Enron", Dayal is President of C TRADE and Chair for EUEC.

Veteran of U.S. Secret Service Heads Up AlphaMetrix’s Financial Investigations Group

To root out fraud and to give investors increased confidence that their assets are being managed with institutions of integrity and honesty, AlphaMetrix formally introduced AlphaMetrix Financial Investigations, LLC, run by David Fisher, a 24-year veteran of the US Secret Service.

AlphaMetrix is a research and investment platform for managed futures and other liquid alpha strategies with approximately $1.7 billion on the platform.

“Under David's leadership, the alternative investment company seeks to set a new standard for the due diligence on financial institutions,” the company said in a letter received by HedgeCo, “first focusing on those on the AlphaMetrix platform, and later as a third-party provider of due diligence services.”

Fisher has a strong domestic and international investigative background in financial fraud, background investigations, security planning and electronic crimes. In addition to responsibilities associated with the Secret Service’s well-known role protecting the President, Vice President and visiting Heads of State, Fisher also brings extensive experience from the agency’s core investigative mission into financial institution fraud, computer and telecommunications fraud, false identification documents, access device fraud, advance fee fraud, electronic funds transfers and money laundering.

“AlphaMetrix has always been known for our deep trading manager research capabilities, and the new Financial Investigations group takes that to an even higher level, with comprehensive background checks and reviews of operational risk,” said Aleks Kins, CEO of AlphaMetrix.

“This type of due diligence work takes a consummate professional, so we are particularly excited to have someone of David Fisher’s caliber on board to build AlphaMetrix Financial Investigations into a thriving organization,” he added.