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6 May 2009

Dow Jones Halts Hedge Fund Publications

Due to poor market conditions in the distressed securities space, Dow Jones's hedge fund arm has suspended publication of the Dow Jones Hedge Fund Distressed Securities Strategy Benchmark.

The Dow Jones Hedge Fund Convertible Arbitrage Strategy Benchmark was also halted in January, 2009 and remains suspended until further notice. The remaining strategies—Equity Long/Short, Equity Market Neutral, Event Driven and Merger Arbitrage, will continue to be published on an end-of-day basis.

Launched in November 2003, the Dow Jones Hedge Fund Strategy Benchmarks measure individual hedge fund strategies. The six existing strategies are Equity Market Neutral, Convertible Arbitrage (suspended), Distressed Securities (suspended), Merger Arbitrage, Event Driven and Equity Long/Short . DJHFI provides style-pure, hedge fund strategy indexes that exhibit highly correlated component returns.