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17 Aug 2009

Alternative Investments Report: Identify Demand for Hedge Funds

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "High Net Worth Alternative Investments" report to their offering.

The report identifies demand for hedge funds, capital protected funds, private equity funds and real estate funds from high net worths, The scope of the report covers France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Nordic region, Belgium/Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Includings hedge funds, capital protected funds, private equity funds and real estate funds (open ended and closed ended) thr peport shows the results of the Wealth Management Market Leaders survey of 280 wealth management companies worldwide, and on high net worths (those with more than $1m in onshore liquid assets)

HNW alternative investment asset allocations are expected to decline slightly in both Australia and France in the next two years, as high net worths reposition their portfolios. Real estate allocations and commodities allocations will decline among Australian HNWs while both hedge fund and derivative allocations will increase.

While British HNWs plan to increase their exposure to capital protected products and private equity funds, and their wealth managers will devote significant resources to the development of these product areas, they are failing to anticipate their clients demand for closed-ended real estate funds.

At the same time German wealth managers are focusing strongly on capital protected products which, while certainly in demand by most HNWs, will not see a significant increase in terms of portfolio allocations.