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20 Apr 2009

Cayman Island Hedge Funds Webinar

Cayman Island law firm Solomon Harris is today hosting its inaugural Webinar on the highly topical subject of ‘Managing Distressed Cayman Funds and lessons learned for new funds’.

"This fits in perfectly with our firm’s progressive approach to business and our focus on keeping our clients up-to-date and informed. This is particularly so as our firm tends to work directly with investment managers and the more informed our clients are, the better for us as their legal advisers," says Sophia Harris, the firm’s Managing Partner.

"The recent significant stresses placed upon hedge funds, particularly in Q4 of 2008, have given our investment funds group invaluable insight into the issues facing managers with liquidity problems and the legal and practical tools available to them." Paul Scrivener, partner and head of the investment funds group, said, "We were keen to share our experiences in a practical way with those involved in the industry and we felt the medium of the webinar was the ideal way to reach the widest possible audience."

Also helping with with the presentation is KPMG, locally known for the provision of US tax services to Cayman funds. Paul Hotchkiss of KPMG will be covering recent tax changes in the UK and the possible impact on Cayman Islands investment funds.

"I visited Cayman recently to undertake a series of seminars on these and similar topics and I am delighted to be asked by Solomon Harris to participate in their inaugural Webinar." Hotchkiss said, "UK taxation of offshore funds is undergoing significant change and also there has been an increased interest from HM Revenue and Customs in the structuring of such funds. As Cayman has been historically, and is still, widely used as jurisdiction of choice to establish funds with a UK focus, I hope my comments will be relevant to the participants who are involved with funds with a UK focus."

As investment funds are such a major part of the firm’s practice, the firm also launched its fund-specific website, ‘’ late last year also with a view to keeping the firm’s clients better informed.

Salus Alpha Hedge Funds Awarded Extraordinary Performance Award

Vienna based hedge fund manager Salus Alpha Group Services GmbH has been awarded the alternative investments award of geld-magazins for extraordinary good performance for their Salus Alpha Directional Markets UCITS III Funds.

The Swedish state pension platform, Premium Pension Authority, recently included Salus Alpha funds in its portfolio. Included on the platform are Salus Alpha Real Estate, multi manager funds Salus Alpha Event Driven, Salus Alpha Managed Futures and Salus Alpha Equity Hedged.

The Salus Alpha funds that were chosen are UCITS III compliant, and meet the strict requirements regarding transparency, daily liquidity and adequate administration procedures set up for hedge funds by the Swedish pension authority.