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11 Sep 2009

Swedbank Robur Reduces Fund of Hedge Fund Fees

Scandinavian fund of hedge fund manager, Swedbank Robur announced that it is lowering fees by .2% to .4% on its 5 funds, effective October 1st.

"These reductions are in line with our ambition to offer an attractive product range with competitive prices." Mats Lagerqvist, President of Swedbank Robur, said, "We are always looking for improvements and when it comes to these funds we have identified an opportunity to adjust the fees. It is our strong belief that this new fee structure will be more distinct for our customers since it is easier to understand the relationship between the fund fee and the risk level of the fund".

Swedbank Robur offers fund of funds under the product name Access. This product category is specifically developed for customers who do not have the time to change their fund portfolio from one day to the other.

"These products are highly appreciated by customers who want a well diversified portfolio. The customers also get access to markets which are otherwise rather inaccessible. The funds deliver not only diversification but also an active reallocation of the underlying funds. Altogether Swedbank Roburs Access funds are an attractive investment alternative for many of our customers and through the reduction of fees we will be even more competitive in terms of pricing", Lagerqvist said.

Swedbank Robur is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedbank. Founded in 1967, Robur was one of the first fund managers in Sweden. Managing the capital of 3.1 million investors, in the Swedish mutual fund market, Swedbank Robur has approximately 27% of assets under management.

Palladio Alternative Research goes live

Swiss-based Palladio Alternative Research Group has started operations in August 2009 via its first Geneva-based subsidiary.

Designed to provide outsourcing solutions for hedge fund research and due diligence, Palladio Alternative Research Group will be headed by Sarah Clar-Boson, founding partner and a former Senior hedge fund analyst at Optifin SA and UBP Alternative Asset Management Group.

The firm's two other partners include successful established hedge fund entrepreneurs: Christophe Reech, CEO and Chairman of Reech AiM Group, recently awarded Emerging Manager of the year 2009 by Institutional Investor, and Jean-Marc Emden, CEO of Nassau-based Autana Capital, who has extensive experience in alternative investments since 1992.

In addition, Palladio Alternative Research Group has set up strategic agreements with Lotus Peak Capital PTE Ltd (Singapore) for Asian research coverage and with Castle Hall Alternatives (Canada) for detailed operational due diligence upon request.

"The opportunity set for unbiased, professional hedge fund advice and analysis is a direct outcome of the 2008 crisis, given the obvious conflict of interests between advisory and investment, the Madoff debacle and the failure to complete continuous
in-depth due diligence services," commented Mrs Clar-Boson.

"There is an acute shortage of independent alternative research providers: going forward, investors are demanding a more dynamic and personalized dialog to replace their disappointing relationships with large, traditional organisations. The ongoing complexity and sophistication of hedge fund analysis drives the need for truly neutral third-party specialists and Palladio Alternative Research Group aims to progressively become a significant and trusted player in the space." she concluded.