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28 Jan 2009

Deephaven's Hedge Fund Bought by Stark Investments

Deephaven Capital Management signed a deal on Tuesday to sell the assets of its flagship hedge fund, Knight Capital Group Inc., to Stark Investments.

The founders, Brian Stark and Mike Roth, will give Deephaven investors the option to become investors in Stark Funds by contributing their share of their Deephaven Fund portfolio positions, they said in a letter to shareholders. Deephaven in October suspended withdrawals from its $1.6 billion Deephaven Global Multi-Strategy funds after being overwhelmed by investor redemption requests.

"We believe this agreement is advantageous for Stark's and Deephaven's investors, and we are excited about the prospect of retaining their high quality investor base," Mike Roth said, "In strategically managing the business, we have put ourselves in a position to capitalize upon these types of situations. We will continue to be on the lookout for additional opportunities that complement our strategic plan and strengthen our organization."

Stark has headquarters in Milwaukee, Miami, London and Hong Kong.