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26 Nov 2008

FoHF Lighthouse Expands Through Integration with GlobeOp

Fund of hedge funds Lighthouse Partners announced that it is expanding its partnership with GlobeOp Financial Services to a full-service fund administration relationship.

More than 20 professionals from the Lighthouse operations team in Florida will work jointly with approximately 85 GlobeOp counterparts in Connecticut, New York State and Mumbai, India to deliver “around the clock” post-trade processing for more than 60 managed accounts and five funds.

"During the past three and half years Lighthouse has strategically converted from the standard fund of fund model to a managed account model that we believe will be the future of hedge fund investing," said Sean McGould, Lighthouse president and co-chief investment officer. "Our team has developed strong portfolio and risk management skills over the last 15 years. Combining that expertise with managed account investing is already providing the increased transparency and risk reporting required by institutional investors."

Rob Swan added that the long-term, continued growth of the Lighthouse program required an established partner to effectively handle post-trade processing, administration and reporting. "Underlying Lighthouse managers already greatly benefit from the integration with GlobeOp’s comprehensive, web-based middle-and back-office trade processing services. This partnership also provides our fund managers and investors with the increased independence, timeliness and transparency they require."

Founded in June 1999, Lighthouse Partners is a fund of hedge funds with more than $6 billion in assets under management, over 65 employees and offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Chicago, New York, London and Hong Kong. Lighthouse manages multi-strategy fund of funds along with a stable of focused funds across Credit, Global Equity Long/Short, and Managed Futures. Currently, Lighthouse also has over 60 managed accounts and five funds that are structured wholly in managed accounts.