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16 Oct 2007

Federal Reserve moves to stop Credit Crunch

In September, according to the Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index, the U.S. Federal Reserve moved to stop the spreading Credit Crunch from further impacting the global economy with a half-percentage-point cut in interest rates.

Overall, the market environment has led to the majority of hedge fund sectors ending September on a positive note. In particular, the Managed Futures sector benefited with a 5.13% return as the market rebounded and volatility rose, leaving managers with a positive opportunity set.

The cut sought to ease terms on direct loans from its discount window in hopes banks would use the Fed's cash to restore liquidity to the credit markets. The interest rate cuts sparked a rally in global stock markets as investor fears were somewhat quelled, said Oliver Schupp. "However, the rate cut also led to a sharp fall by the U.S. Dollar and the rise of long-term Treasury-bond yields and oil prices, which could potentially foster inflationary pressures."

The Index is constructed using the Credit Suisse/Tremont database of more than 5,000 hedge funds. It includes both open and closed funds located in the U.S. and offshore, but does not include fund of funds. The Index is calculated as a total return index on a monthly basis, adjusted for asset in- and outflow, including a reselection according to the procedure outlined above on a quarterly basis.