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15 May 2007

Brighton House Launches Hedge Fund Product

Brighton House Associates officially launched it first product, BHA SalesDesk, a hedge fund sales and marketing system. The solution is sold directly to customers and is in use by hedge funds, broker/dealers, funds-of-funds, as well as by industry service providers.

BHA SalesDesk combines CRM technology, global investor information, and a professional research team to connect hedge funds with qualified hedge fund investors.

According to the company press release, the new component requires no IT support and little training so any user familiar with Web browsers and basic office software can use BHA SalesDesk.

Fund managers can consolidate lead generation from multiple sources to the BHA SalesDesk system, view comprehensive profiles of every individual and company with $25 million or more invested in hedge strategies, and access contact information, investor preference, current interests, and previous investments.

Because it’s Web-based, BHA SalesDesk is accessible from anywhere via PC, laptop, handhelddevice, phone or PDA. The solution was developed by a veteran hedge fund marketer who saw the inherent inefficiencies in the hedge fund marketing process.

Founded in 2006 by Daniel McDermott, a veteran hedge fund marketing professional, Brighton House Associates, LLC (BHA) offers solutions that address the vast inefficiencies inherent in the sales and marketing of hedge funds. Brighton House customers include Wall Street brokerage houses, multi-billion dollar hedge funds and funds-of-funds, and industry service providers.

AdultVest To Host Alternative Investment Conference is planning on hosting the first annual AdultVest investment conference in Los Angeles, CA, geared to match institutional and accredited investors with adult industry related investment opportunities. So far, the company reports there are well over 1,000 accredited investors and nearly 300 adult companies pre-registered.

Founded by hedge fund veteran Francis Koenig, parent company AdultVest, Inc. represents some of the largest and best known adult entertainment companies in the market, and is the first and only investment firm to concentrate its practice exclusively on adult industry investments, mergers, and acquisitions. The company has been featured on CNN Money, Business 2.0 Magazine, Institutional Investor Magazine, Alternative Investor, Forbes, Hedge Fund Daily and LA Daily News.

To date, AdultVest has launched two hedge funds: the Priapus and the Bacchus Investment Funds, both of which are able to accept IRA and 401k money from accredited investors and qualified institutions. As a result, investors have the ability to invest directly from a pool of tax deferred capital typically locked up until the beneficiary reaches age 65.

The firm also plans to launch a new hedge fund later this year which will offer a collateralized preferred dividend as high as LIBOR plus 5% -- with current LIBOR rates at apx 5.35% this would mean a preferred dividend of up to 10.35% on invested capital. Mr. Koenig emphasizes, "These funds are not for small investors. There are no guarantees of performance. We only accept accredited investors who have no need for liquidity, who are sophisticated enough to understand the risks, and who have the ability to sustain the loss of their entire investment."

The Company's two core components are the Investment Group and the Business Group. The primary focus of the Investment Group (including the Bacchus Fund and the Priapus Fund) is on venture capital, private equity, and hedged investments, while the Business Group primarily provides business to business services, i.e. investment banking, capital introduction, consulting, licensing, and various other business services.

AdultVest's mission is to facilitate investment in the adult industry -- by enabling a more efficient flow of information, and through the continued establishment of professionally managed investment vehicles designed to create transparency and liquidity for investors.

"The metrics can be extremely attractive, and the benefits are clear," says Koenig. "Investors receive transparency and the company gains increased access to capital, while the ability to buy and sell stock on the open market enables owners and shareholders to create liquidity and unlock value."