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23 Jun 2008

Athamas Hedge Fund Launch

Athamas Capital, a Luxembourg domiciled alternative investment fund, has announced the launch of the Athamas Capital SICAV SIF Hedge Fund. (Specialised Investment Fund)

Launched on June 1st, the hedge fund´s strategy is to achieve an absolute return by investing in listed companies addressing the energy and environmental challenges, including; energy, alternative energy, agriculture, energy efficiency and environmental services.

With Goldman Sachas as prime broker, the Athamas Capital SICAV SIF Hedge Fund has EUR16.5 million ($25.5 million) in seed capital and is open to professional investors, high net worth individuals and institutional investors for a minimum investment of EUR250,000 (approximately $390,000). The target fund size for 2010 through 2012 is EUR50-100 million (approximately $77-154 million).

The hedge fund's strategy stems from the conviction that the energy and environmental sectors will be key in the 21st century due to the depletion of the global energy supply, rising demand, global warming issues raising awareness, as well as regulations and business initiatives to adapt and mitigate it.

Structured as an umbrella fund with four sub-funds, (some of which are yet to be launched) Athamas Capital is an alternative investment fund in the energy and environmental sector, trading mainly along the lines of; long/short equities, long/short listed or OTC derivatives, and futures on indices or commodities.

Athamas means; ("rich harvest"), the king of Orchomenos in Greek mythology, was the son of Eole. He was married first to the goddess Nephele (goddess of Clouds) with whom he had the twins Phrixus (driving rain) and Helle (bright light).