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10 Sep 2010

Cayman Ranked #1 For Hedge Funds, Specialized Finance

HedgeCo News - The world’s largest domicile for hedge funds, healthcare insurance captives and catastrophe bond transactions, has been named the top specialised financial center by The Banker, a banking and finance magazine, in it’s 2010 IFC Rankings released this month.

Cayman, for the second year running, has been awarded first place by an increased margin over other jurisdictions such as Bermuda, Jersey, Guernsey, Malta, Gibraltar, Monaco and Cyprus.

The Banker’s ranking of international financial centres is based not simply on the size of the financial services industry in each location, but focuses instead on the level of international business and the value offered to institutions seeking to expand their overseas operations.

“This is yet another objective finding that reinforces the fact that Cayman is regarded by institutions, if not by stubborn popular press, as a successful and transparent tax neutral jurisdiction from which to base international operations.” Anthony Travers, OBE, Chairman of Cayman Finance said.

“This result comes at a time when Cayman has just signed its twentieth tax information exchange agreement and statistics from the Islands’ regulating body CIMA show a continuingly robust performance by the financial services industry over the past year. Most importantly the financial crisis has been negotiated without the need to introduce corporate, income, capital gains, payroll or property taxes, the absence of which is likely to enhance Cayman’s attraction in the immediate future.” Travers said.

Statistics from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) note that Cayman still maintains US$1.795 trillion in deposits and interbank bookings.

Lance Futures To Launch Hedge Funds, Futures Funds

HedgeCo News – Frankfurt based Lance Futures has established a team of Commodity Trading Advisors and is launching CTA based hedge funds and managed futures funds, providing their clients with risk-adjusted returns with low volatility.

Lance will be diversifying class fund assets transversely with a team of money managers whose expertise in technical strategies would help diversify portfolios of the investors as they are well-versed in counter-trend, pattern recognition, intra-market spreads and option volatility arbitrage.

The new fund management utilizes well-researched strategies across worldwide liquid exchange-traded futures markets and at the same time evaluates these futures markets across various time frames.

Targeting annual returns of 10-20 percent with less than 10 percent draw-downs and with expected annual volatilities of 10-to 15 percent, the Lance Futures Investment Team targets such performance through due diligence, fund management strategies, qualitative and quantitative screening, monitoring and rigorous selection processes.