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10 Sep 2010

Lance Futures To Launch Hedge Funds, Futures Funds

HedgeCo News – Frankfurt based Lance Futures has established a team of Commodity Trading Advisors and is launching CTA based hedge funds and managed futures funds, providing their clients with risk-adjusted returns with low volatility.

Lance will be diversifying class fund assets transversely with a team of money managers whose expertise in technical strategies would help diversify portfolios of the investors as they are well-versed in counter-trend, pattern recognition, intra-market spreads and option volatility arbitrage.

The new fund management utilizes well-researched strategies across worldwide liquid exchange-traded futures markets and at the same time evaluates these futures markets across various time frames.

Targeting annual returns of 10-20 percent with less than 10 percent draw-downs and with expected annual volatilities of 10-to 15 percent, the Lance Futures Investment Team targets such performance through due diligence, fund management strategies, qualitative and quantitative screening, monitoring and rigorous selection processes.

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