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19 Oct 2007

Hedge Funds Go For Stability

GFT UK, one of Europe's leading suppliers of innovative IT solutions is seeing hedge funds beginning to adopt business housekeeping methods in an attempt to reduce risk and improve continuity.

Having seen the assets under management in global hedge funds reach $2.48 trillion in July this year the market was positively buoyant; that was until the summer’s credit crunch which has taken its toll and seen the funds stutter through a turbulent few months.

The growth spurt, followed by a downturn, has raised some business continuity issues for hedge funds. Market and personnel changes can be very damaging for such technology and process-light companies. When fund managers leave, so does their knowledge and competencies.

These companies’ traditional lack of technical infrastructure is perhaps beginning to change. GFT has recently received an increase in request for process reviews from hedge funds. It would seem that even in these traditionally finance-driven companies, infrastructure is beginning to play a vital role.

GFT has been approached by a leading hedge fund, keen get the procedures and processes of its European Equities Team documented. GFT was selected due to previous project work and a strong knowledge of internal operations.