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2 Jun 2008

AdultVest Hedge Fund Acquires iPorn

Francis Koenig, Chairman of AdultVest Inc., announced the acquisition of The acquisition coincides with the firm’s online marketplace topping $7 Billion in available capital for adult industry related investments.

"We are very excited about the acquisition… Investors in our Priapus Investment Fund, LLC are extremely pleased to be a part of this landmark purchase. We have very big plans for iPorn. This acquisition is a natural fit." says Koenig.

With AdultVest growing at the rate of $300 Million per week, they last year launched the Bacchus Investment Fund and the Priapus Investment Fund, both also aimed at attracting the open-minded investor and the billions of dollars spent on adult entertainment in North America every year.

Koening says, "Transparency and liquidity builds credibility and investor confidence, which ultimately drives the price of a company higher. I believe this is the formula to unlocking value in some of the adult industry’s hidden gems. Wait till you see what we have in store."

Another feature that will appeal to investors, Koening says, is that the firm does not take its performance fee until 100% of the capital is returned to its clients.