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14 Feb 2008

HedgeCo Networks Offers Clients of NorthPoint Trading Suite of HedgeCo Web Services

HedgeCo LLC, a premier hedge fund database, consulting and services company, announced today a strategic relationship with NorthPoint Trading Partners, LLC. This relationship will offer clients of NorthPoint a chance to enhance their Internet presence through the use of the HedgeCo Websites Platform.

"Through our partnerships, HedgeCo is striving to enhance the offerings of our partners, as well as draw on expertise of our partners to take the HedgeCo Networks products to a new level." said Evan Rapoport, Chief Executive Officer of HedgeCo, LLC. "By having the ability to offer our products to their clients, our partners will find that their offerings and position in the market will strengthen substantially."

The announcement once again shows how HedgeCo Networks continues to distinguish its company from other service providers by offering high-tech, cost-effective services and analytic tools.

Products being offered through this agreement include the HedgeCo Hedge Fund Website platform, the Hedge Fund Calculator analytics tool, and the opportunity to integrate with HedgeCo.Net, the premier hedge fund Internet portal.

“NorthPoint Trading is committed to being able to provide every possible advantage and resource to help our clients grow their business. We are excited to be able to offer the expertise and experience of the Hedgeco Websites team to our clients.” said Michael DeJarnette, Co-Founder and President of NorthPoint Trading Partners, LLC, a broker/dealer focused on providing Prime Brokerage to small to mid-sized hedge funds.

HedgeCo Networks is actively seeking partners in various verticals to develop and deploy future products.

HedgeCo, LLC manages HedgeCo.Net the premier Hedge Fund Database and Information Portal. HedgeCo offers a wide variety of services, including website design, consultation, and third party marketing.

The HedgeCo Websites team has worked with the Hedge Fund industry for 3 years. Drawing on the experience used in creating and managing HedgeCo.Net over 150 websites for Hedge Fund firms in USA, Europe and Australia.

NorthPoint Trading Partners, LLC is a
premier institutional brokerage and fund services company, dedicated to providing prime brokerage services to small and medium sized hedge funds. Through a fully disclosed clearing relationship with Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing, L.P. (GSEC), clients receive the benefits of boutique firm service and pricing, combined with GSEC's professional clearing and prime brokerage services, integrated portfolio and trading functionality, suite of pre- and post-trade analytics, and direct access
to the Goldman Sachs & Co.'s securities lending group.

Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, L.P. is not affiliated with NorthPoint Trading Partners, LLC or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.