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13 Dec 2007

Alternative Energy Fund Launch by Guinness Atkinson

Guiness Atkinson Asset Management has launched an alternative energy fund for UK and European investors. The fund is managed by a team of three fund managers, Tim Guinness as the Lead Manager and Edward Guinness and Matthew Page as Co-Managers.

With a 50/50 top-down/bottom-up approach, the fund looks to identify the sub sectors within the space which have the greatest potential for growth and strong returns.

Tim Guinness said in an interview with Alt Energy Stocks, "I have been running a conventional energy fund since 1998 and have been following alternative energy stocks as a sub sector within the energy universe since then."

"Recently we have preferred wind and solar over fuel cells and biofuels but this is constantly under review." Guinness said, "We then screen the universe of 200 stocks we have identified to try and identify good companies that are cheap where sentiment towards them is improving and stock price action is positive. One tool we use is to screen by value, earnings momentum, economic returns vs peers, and a technical indicator."

Alternative energy includes, but is not limited to power generated through solar, wind, hydroelectric, tidal wave, geothermal, biomass or biofuels. Energy technology includes technologies that enable these sources to be tapped and also various manners of storage and transportation of energy, including hydrogen and other types of fuel cells, batteries and flywheels, as well as technologies that conserve or enable more efficient use of energy.