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2 Feb 2010

Free Hedge Fund Analysis From Gazebo Financial Services

A Silicon Valley hedge fund management and technology firm, Gazebo Financial Services, LLC, today announced the introduction of a new, free, web-based software tool for selecting and analyzing hedge funds.

The Gazebo Analytic Platform (GAP) simplifies searching large hedge fund databases by combining sophisticated data mining tools with a streamlined user interface. Investors and fund managers can now find funds based on a text search of an entire database, or using selection criteria including Market, Style, Geography, and Performance. The unique Funds Like This TM feature identifies similar funds based on strategy and return history.

Financial researchers can analyze funds from this database and from data they upload themselves privately and securely. The customizable Fund Report and multi-fund Comparison Report provide a large range of traditional and innovative analytic tools and charts. Funds can be combined to simulate and analyze portfolio performance.

Gazebo is providing this free tool because the current offerings of hedge fund analytics software are simply too cumbersome and expensive. “We don’t understand how you can charge $5000 a year for search tools and some math,” commented Roy McDonald, Chairman & CEO of Gazebo Financial Services. “GAP is a user-driven project that cuts out the bloatware in other software. It delivers simple, powerful solutions that managers can use anywhere, anytime to improve their investment and fund management strategies.”

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