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11 Dec 2006

Gargoyle's flagship Hedge Fund Exceeds Forecast

Gargoyle Asset Management announced today that its flagship hedge fund, the Gargoyle Hedged Value Master Fund, has exceeded $200 million in assets under management.

This fund is designed to allow investors to participate in the large cap U.S. equity market with enhanced performance and lower risk. Since January 2000, this Fund has shown a cumulative return of 118%. During the same period, the S&P 500 is up 6%. The Gargoyle Hedged Value Funds’ results are driven by a relative value stock selection process tightly coupled to an index option writing strategy. The skillful blending of those components has provided a consistent edge for the Gargoyle funds in all market environments.

Joshua B. Parker and Alan L. Salzbank are the fund’s managers. Additionally, Mr. Parker is a partner in Gargoyle's sister business, one of the country's largest independent market makers for equity options.

The Gargoyle company philosophy endeavors to protect and to grow the treasure of its investing partners through the use and appropriate application of equity options. Their website states that when used properly, equity options, have the potential to enhance investment performance and simultaneously to reduce investment risk.

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